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Madlena Performance Therapy

Madlena performance therapy
Physical Therapy and Sport Rehabilitation


About Madlena Performance


To function at your best, you must be pain free. Whether in sport or daily life, Madlena Performance Therapy has the right treatment strategy for you.  Why wait for stiffness or weakness to translate into pain?  Take control of pain BEFORE it controls you.  Choose any of our preset treatment options, or choose whats best for you!


Performance Rehabilitation requires a strong working knowledge of all aspects of the body, including the nervous and musculoskeletal systems.  It requires time spent with patients to learn all about them, to learn their background, their movement patterns and their goals.  A Performance Rehabilitation expert has a firm and diverse understanding of job requirements as well as sports biomechanics.

So whether you are a mom having difficulty with day to day activities with your family, a worker struggling with job performance, a young athlete looking to improve your athletic abilities and performance, or a weekend warrior looking to recover and stay healthy, we understand your situation, and are the best trained staff to help you. 


You can trust Madlena Performance Therapy to give you the best care.  We offer 90 minute initial evaluation sessions so we can take the time to listen and learn all about our patients.  Listening and learning are the first steps to a successful relationship with our patients.  All sessions are 1:1 with Troy or Christin, and involve a diverse approach to solving your pain, including combination of movement evaluation, manual therapies, and therapeutic exercises.  We stress educating our patients to empower them, and offer written and video based home exercise program.  

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